Treasures of Tradition We do the treasure hunt so that you don't have to.
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Treasures of Tradition (TOT). TOT is owned and operated as a family apostolate from our home in rural Wisconsin. Out here in 'God's country' there is a sad shortage of Catholic/Christian books and gifts stores. While we don't have a brick and mortar store, we're happy to say that we do offer books, gifts, trinkets, and treasures via mail order. We can hand deliver to surrounding areas in some cases, if there is a local call for one of our items. 

We believe passionately that the beauty of the Catholic Faith is found, not in the novelties of the moment, but in the rich history of the Saints, Martyrs, and Christians of the past who have earned their crowns in Heaven. Their examples are profound and inspiring. The works of literature, devotional items and beautiful religious figurines and pictures we offer reflect the Faith of those who've gone before us and tell their stories.

If you would like to support our apostolate please consider our needs:
•Prayers! We need your prayers! One of the primary reasons for starting our small Catholic Shop is to encourage our own family in the Faith. By being active in our family business it is our hope that our own children's Faith will grow deeper and undying. Please keep our apostolate, and by extension therefore, our family in your prayers as we will keep you, our patron, in ours!
•Financial! By purchasing our products you are directly supporting not only our apostolate, but the suppliers from whom we purchase our offerings. So, please consider purchasing from the 'little guy' rather than the leading (albeit cheaper) commercial distributors such as Amazon and the like. We appreciate your business more than we can say!
•Spread the word! If you know of others seeking the type of items we sell, would you consider sending them our link? If you are a facebooker, would you consider liking our TOT page on facebook and/or suggesting our web page to your FB friends? If you attend Church (and we're betting you do), would you talk about our store to your fellow church goers? Word of mouth is the other 'location location location'!

Thank you for visiting our store! We hope you will come back soon. And don't forget, we are always adding products, so returning here will be worth your while.

In Christ,

Carrie Brannon