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The War on the Vendee (dvd)


The largely unknown story of the valiant, six year struggle of the people of a small section of western France, to restore their Holy Religion and their King after suffering mounting religious persecution in the aftermath of the French Revolution.  At times armed only with pitchforks, but steeped in the influence of St. Louis de Montfort, and wearing their rosaries and emblems of the Sacred Heart, their sacrifices resulted in countless martyrdoms, and ultimately won the restoration of religious freedom for all of France.  This film is a love-letter to the Vendean people, and was produced to honor the memory of these brave men and women who willingly sacrificed their lives, "for God and King". 

Written and directed by Jim Morlino, featuring solid performances by an exuberant cast of over 250 young people, and a sweeping musical score by Kevin Kaska; this unique film will inspire audiences of all ages with its timeless themes of courage, self-sacrifice, faith, and love. 
An especially timely story in light of recent current events.  The brave men and women of the Vendee truly became "Soldiers for Christ" - makes a  perfect Confirmation Gift!